Thursday, 20 March 2014

Explore Be Curious

Maths Pirates  are using ideas generated by the  Guerrilla Geography Project 

Guerrilla Geography Project is Swashbuckling inspirational!

Maths Pirates NZ - Goes GUERRILLA

Guerilla Thursday! - The day Maths Pirates walk to their local library.
Whilst walking,  Maths Pirates explore and connect with their community looking for mathematical knowledge and symbols lost or misplaced.
On Thursday 13th February 2014,  Maths Pirates were looking for the number 398.
The number 398 was found, on the community climbing frame by Orlando!
As you can see from the image, the transformation from lost to found was excitement of EPIC proportions!

Why Guerilla Library Day?
2. Maths Pirates are learning to improve ideas and be finders of treasure! 
3. Future Building student learning, creating new relationships between school and the wider community. (Keri Facer)
4. Maths Pirates focus on  Play, Passion and Purpose. Where learners need to be problem solvers (Tony Wagner)

5.  Guerilla Geo supports Effective Pedagogy in Mathematics: 3. Building on student's thinking. "Effective teachers plan mathematics learning experiences that enable students to build on their existing proficiencies, ideas, and experiences." Page 11
6. Guerila Geo amplifies Effective Pedagogy.  Enhancing the relevance of new learning.
"Effective teachers stimulate the curiosity of their students, require them to search for relevant information and ideas, and challenge them to use or apply what they discover in new contexts or in new ways." Page 34 NZ Curriculum

7. Going Guerrilla is an awesome nudge to hack out new learning spaces!

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