Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pirate Challenge 5. Build a Seussical Tower: by @Davis_Academy ATLANTA USA #mlap14


Thank you! 
for creating this - SWASHBUCKLING SEUSSICAL - Pirate Challenge! 

 Ok Ye Land Lubbers. 
It be a one of me friends Birthday this Month,
so I am a-challenging you to Seussical endeavor.
Now me friend has the crazy striped hat
the he wore on the top of his head,
and the hat was almost as tall as one of you.
I wonders which of Ye can make the tallest tower like me friend’s hat.

How tall can you build a tower?
Using Oreos (or a similar biscuit /cookie), large marshmallows, and one stacking item of each
 teacher’s choosing who can make
1.       The tallest tower
2.       The tower with the most items
*no gule, icing, or any other substance can be used to help keep the tower connected

After you complete the challenge, please answer these questions
1.       What item was easiest to stack? Why?
2.       What do you think would be best to use if you did this again?
3.       Where is the math in the Pirate Challenge?

Lastly, enjoy this 10 Apples Up On Top Youtube 




Hawera, New Zealand

First Attempt


Intermediate Blenheim, New Zealand

Stepped up to this challenge
Stepped out with improvements!

First Attempt

@ledelmanLee Class at Davis Academy Atlanta, USA

First Attempt

    @JulieWeiser's Class at Davis Academy Atlanta, USA

First Attempt

 Mrs Mayo's  class at Davis AcademyAtlanta, USA
First Attempt

@MathsPirates Koraunui School, Wellington, New Zealand
 First Attempt

Second Attempt


Third Attempt

@knuicurious Koraunui School, Wellington, New Zealand
 First Attempt    


What item was easiest to stack? Why?

Mrs Mayo's
1. Ari added that the oreos are heavier than the crackers, so they are more stable and stack better!
2. Brady," the oreos were easier to stack becsuse even though they had bumpy parts they weren't as bumpy as the crackers

1. most thought Oreos were easiest to build & also allowed us to build the tallest tower

* Lego becasue of its shape - Devin
* Oreos stack easier than lego - Ihaia
* Marshmallos because i like them the most - Rangimarie
* Lego easiest to stack  as it can restack - Leah

  What do you think would be best to use if you did this again?
1. Ethan-let's try stacking waffles next time! George- we should try rice crispie treats! Brady- pizza slices!

1. If it's a flatter object that doesn't need a base, it stacks higher"- Henry

* Lego - Leah
* Oreos - Ihaia
* Marshmallows because we like them the most. Devin & Rangimarie

  Where is the math in the Pirate Challenge?
1. Making predictions

1. Reflecting on Math & Science: counting, analyzing shapes & gravity
2. Make predictions for our Math Pirate challenge

* Measurement. finding the hight of the tower
* Counting in 2's and 5's
*Balancing the marshmallows on blocks on oreos


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Maths Pirates Message to Families


Your child is a Math’s Pirate!
We are using a blog and twitter to assist us with our learning.

You can find the Maths like a Pirate blog at

You can find your child’s math class twitter account at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to throw out a hook!

Hearty Swashbuckling Regards,

Diana-Grace Morris
Classroom Teacher

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Act of Being Curious...

Self Organised Learning Environment 
Inspired by Sugata Mitra

Last Week Maths Pirates Visited Epuni School Garden, Hutt Valley, Wellington, NZ

Maths Pirates are being Curious....

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Crocodiles, Marshmallows & the number 5!

What do marshmallows and crocodiles have in common?

Well, @MathsPirates, our Swashbuckling Captain has a jar of marshmallows. 
We call them a jar of crocodile brains!

 We like to practice counting in fives, so we believe that every crocodile has five brains! 
We can be sailing away in our Galleon and we spot 5 crocodiles! 
How many brains all together? 
For a bit of prediction, How many brains in the jar?
And... Maths Pirates love the taste of crocodile brains!
Maths Pirates enjoy a good laugh!

Where is the maths?
* counting in 5's

Friday, 7 February 2014

Land Ahoy Buccaneers!

Welcome to 
Maths Like a Pirate 2014

Nau mai Haere mai 
nga Pangarau Kaitiora 2014

  Thankyou for this image

The Pirate Ships from around the globe are docked! 
Its all hands on deck and it's SWASHBUCKLING AWESOME to hook up with you all again!

At Maths Pirates NZ  
the te reo Maori pirate waka has arrived!

In New Zealand / Aotearoa there are three main languages. English, Te Reo Maori and NZ Sign Language.

If you see words on this blog that are not English or 'Pirate'  They will be te reo Maori words!