THE WORKSHOP: Maths Like a Pirate  

Creating, Changing Collaborating: Building Mathematical Thinking through idea improvement
Diana-Grace Morris - Hooks into the world of Maths like a Pirate!

We are curious students navigating the great ocean of mathematics. At every port we collaborate, create, change, apply and explore our number knowledge and strategies. Our question is: How can we do this as pirates? Our teachers question is: How can classroom Math’s Pirates be creators of knowledge?

Maths Like a Pirate is a classroom based, modern learning practice. A programme which connects, collaborates and creates with classrooms in AUST/CAN/USA/NZ. The programme is inspired and influenced by research and work by Beriter and Scardamallia, Dave Burgess , Keri Facer , Jane Gilbert, Sugata Mitra, Tony Wagner and the recent NZCER publication Key Competencies for the Future by Rose Hipkins, Rachel Bolstad,  Sally Boyd and Sue Mc Dowall.

In this swashbuckling workshop, participants will have an opportunity to become Math’s Pirates! The aim is for all participants to confidently roll out a Pirate Challenge using twitter, connecting to classrooms on any deck, anytime, anywhere, and have an opportunity to explore why Math’s Pirates supports the NZC Principle: Future Focus

The workshop will case study the Teaching Inquiry Cycle, mapping out shifts in teacher thinking, student learning and the influence of current educational research.

Maths Like a Pirate assesses student ability to apply number knowledge and strategy to Pirate Challenge contexts; to improve and change their ideas; to work collaboratively and be able to know who inspires and influences their ideas.  Steps towards becoming an innovator!

Maths Like a Pirate seeks to work with the digital education trends identified by CORE a)Living in the digital now, b) Global connectedness, c) New approaches to assessment, d) Maker culture, e) Learner agency

Take home messages

1.    Educational Research can inform Teaching inquiry and Teaching practice
2.    Twitter is an effective tool for local and global collaboration, creativity and change
3.    The use of technology in the classroom can assist us to understand the nature and possibilities of teaching and learning
4.    Students can step towards being producers of knowledge, when students have the power to act, where there is a learner centered approach and teaching inquiry is anchored in critical thinking


  1. Is this an online workshop? Is it still available?

  2. Hi Lyn - Yes it is still available. It is not an online workshop.
    Are you able to direct message me on twitter? @dianagracenz I look forward to hearing from you.