Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Pirate Challenge 11: Dress Like a Pirate

Pirate Challenge 11: Dress like a Pirate!

This Pirate Challenge was created by 
Danny,Henry,Oliver and Oscar  @ Rm8Ridgway Ridgway School, Wellington, NZ

Ahoy there me hearties!
Tis time for a new wardrobe...
Landlubbers and buccaneers are invited to Dress like a Pirate!

Create a Pirate tricorn hat, 
A pair of ankle Pirate boots, 
A Galleon Coat
A pair of Glasses 

Glasses: Each lense frame must have a diameter of 6cm
Galleon coat: Must measure 15cm from the floor to the hem of the coat.
Boots: Must be made to come on and off

1.5 metres of tape
Sheets of newspaper                                      
Groups of 3-4 members

You have 40 minutes! 

How far can your well dressed buccaneer walk without their clothes ripping?
The group who's buccaneer walks the furthest wins!

Remember to only use your first name and include your class twitter handle


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