Monday, 23 September 2013

The adventure begins with just one brick!

Where is the maths in one red brick?

Play: Building with lego
Passion: Many pirates love creating with Lego. Our pirates have lego all over their bedroom floor!
Purpose: To apply maths knowledge and create!
WHY? Tony Wagner's work on Creating Innovators

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pirate Challenge 1: Build a bridge #mlap14

How can your team of buccaneers
build a pirate bridge 
that can hold the weight of raw eggs?

How many raw eggs can your bridge hold?

1. Build a bridge out of newspaper
2. You may use cellotape and news paper.
3. Build a bridge between two chairs
4. How many pirate feet long is your bridge?
5. You have 25 bandit minutes!

The Thinking:
After the challenge we think, share & tweet about three questions:

1. What did you find the hardest thing about the challenge?
2. What would you do differently next time?

3. Who's design ideas influenced or inspired your ideas?
4. Where is the math in the Pirate Challenge?

click here to answer these questions on a Google Form

1. To improve our ideas for the next time we do the challenge.
2. To be explicit about who inspires and influences us when we create
3. Engage with Play, Passion, Purpose!


                          THE ACTION
Keep scrolling down past the images for evidence of thinking. Some times the thinking shifts and changes!

@ibpossum Y9  Dunedin
New Zealand
First Attempt
Continuing on Monday, so watch this space!


First Attempt (We think)

Taupaki School, Auckland, New Zealand
First Attempt

Years 3,4,5 Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

First Attempt

2nd Attempt
(OOOPS! need to dip into the archives!)

3rd Attempt

Year 5 and 6 Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand

First Attempt

Year: 1/2/3 Koraunui School, Wellington, New Zealand
Fifth Attempt

Thank you to @MsEsClass CANADA for inspiring us with ideas to see if we could improve your bridge designs!
Thank you @room9_BIS NZ for tweeting us images of the Auckland Harbour Bridge when we were doing the challenge!


Fourth Attempt

Third Attempt

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Year:4,5,6 Koraunui School, Wellington, New Zealand

Year 7 Blenheim, New Zealand
Including...Swashbuckling Pirate accessories!

First Attempt


1. What did you find the hardest thing about the challenge?

First Attempt
a) Using the cello-tape. Getting it off the roll was hard
b) working with a partner
a) Cellotape still hard to take off the roll
b) Putting the eggs on as they nearly fell off
c) Putting the flag on
3rd Attempt
a) make more rolls of newspaper to put on the sides
b) make sure the edges of the bridge are higher
4th Attempt
a) agreeing with each others ideas
b) not finishing our bridge

1st Attempt
a) rolling up the paper
b) putting tape on the stand

a)The bridge had to be strong to hold the eggs Taylor
b) Losing a person part way through the challenge made it hard. Maddy Sam Seth
c) Putting the eggs on was the hardest part because I thought they were going to fall off
d) It was hard to build the bridge to our plan Miyah and Seth

a) How to make the bridge sturdy, using the tape to hold everything together, co-operating, keeping the bridge up!
b) sorting out the paper, not letting the cellotape fold, running out of tape!, choosing the bridge!
c) Our teacher thinks the hardest part of the challenge was the sun!

2. What would you do differently next time?
1st Attempt
a) Use bigger chairs and more newspaper - Ihaia
b) have more time and buy more eggs! - Leah
c) Try making a bridge using triangles like @knuicurious - Devin
d) I would like to try making a bridge like @room9_BIS  one - Devin
e) Have 30 eggs for the challenge!
2nd Attempt
a) Make the bridge Skinny
b) Build the bridge taller
c) Build a tower on the bridge
d) Maybe how many marshmallows can fir on the tower
e) decorating the bridge
f) next time measure with toothbrushes
g) Next time measure how many marshmallows long the bridge is
3rd Attempt
a) work on my own
b) put a triangle on the top in the middle
c) put more rolls of newspaper on the sides
4th Attempt
a) work with some one else
b) try and agree with other persons ideas

1st Attempt
a) I will make it stronger. G
b) I will put more stands under my bridge. O

a) I would put the tightest rolls of paper at the bottom to hold it up. Andrew
b) I would roll the newspapers up tighter to make the structure stronger Dean
c) I would make the bridge stronger on the base and make sides to stop the eggs rolling off Keiva

a) Add rails, better sides, cushions for the eggs, more support!
b) Make the legs strong, add sharks, Make it longer so the eggs aren't cramped, longer, stronger,

3. Who's design ideas influenced or inspired your ideas?

3rd Attempt
a) "ideas for design came from @MsEsClass" - Devin & Leah
4th Attempt
a) "ideas for the design came from Devin and Leah" - Rangimarie & Viena
b) "Ideas for the design came from Devin & Leah - Ihaia

4. Where is the math in the Pirate Challenge?

1st Attempt
a) counting the eggs on the bridge
a) How many eggs on the bridge
b) How long the bridge is = measurement
c) Needing to use a ruler
3rd attempt
a) Fractions
b) Starting with a piece of newspaper folded in half
c) making the bridge into a cube shape
d) numbers - how many eggs
3) measurement - short - long
4th Attempt
a) measurement
b) working with fractions
c) How many eggs are there?
d) How long is the bridge?

1st Attempt

a) We used rectangles for the base of the bridge Dean
b) We used triangles for strength Seth
c) Measuring the newspaper to fit the gap Madison
d) We measured the tape Jemima
e) We measured how far the chairs had to be apart Jason

a) What maths did we use? Problem solving, strategies, length and weight, measurement, area of the bridge, counting the eggs.

                         THE ACTION

@MrsMayosclass Davis Academy in Atlanta USA
First Try

@Smarticool Raroa Intermediate, Wellington, NZ
First Try

@Room11GMS @JacindaPanther West Coast, South Island,NZ 
First Try

@MathsPirates Koraunui School, Wellington,  NZ
First Try

Second Try


1. What did you find the hardest thing about the challenge?

-The hardest thing was.... Making all the rolls and support. (Lokyee, Emma, Vic, Maddie)

2. What would you do differently next time?

-What would we do next time..... -Change the structure and design of the birdge (Emma, Lokyee, Vic, Maddie)

If did it different, we would put newspaper on top and then on sides, make wider bridge, chairs closer 2gether

chairs r farther apart so aren't as steady so eggs r more likely to fall- George, age 6

3. Where is the math in the Pirate Challenge?

-Where is the math? The length of our bridge was 1m? (Ema, Maddie, Vic, Lokyee)

The math was involved in weight & length of our bridge of eggs

"adding more eggs adds more weight making it heavier"

if we spread out the eggs, the weight is more evenly distributed. Considering weight is part of math.