Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pirate Challenge 10: Piñata Party

Pirate Challenge 10: Piñata Party on the Decks

This Pirate Challenge was created by 
Amelia, Julia Nadya, Vita and Zoe @ Rm8Ridgway Ridgway School, Wellington, NZ

Ahoy there me hearties...
There's a party on the decks!
Landlubbers and buccaneers are invited to create a Piñata!

Build a piñata out of news paper and tape.
Make the piñata so that you are able to break it. 
Also make a strong stick / bat so you can hit the piñata.
You have 40 minutes!

Can you build a piñata to look like a geometric shape?

You will need:
A group of 4 - 5 people;
10 sheets of Newspaper;
Unlimited tape (but you will be judged on how little you use)
3 (wrapped) lollies for every member of your group;
Measuring tape/measuring stick.

After you have created your piñata:
Measure the volume/area of your pinata then smash it in till it breaks. (You get to eat the sweets at the end!!!)

After the challenge:
1.What was tricky about the challenge?
2.What would you do differently next time?
3.Where is the math in this Pirate Challenge?
4.Who or what influenced or inspired your ideas?

Remember to only use your first name and include your class twitter handle

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