"I'm keen to hook in!
What next?"

There are multiple ways of participating...
1. connect:
2. share:
3. create:
4. collaborate: 
More notes soon, on what is explicitly ment by these words. 
Watch this space!

1. Participate in the weekly Pirate Challenge at 9:15am on Friday mornings. (NZ time)
Doing a Pirate Challenge together & tweeting the process as we go is an awesome experience!
Designating a student to be the refresh on your IWB twitter feed means students can see their own work alongside students from other schools.

2. Participate in the weekly Pirate Challenge during your time. As close to Friday as possible so your students can connect their learning to others and they will see relevant tweet feeds!

3. Participate in a Pirate Challenge of your choice in  your own time! Tweet out your process and reflections. Include @mathspirates  in one of your tweets so we know to check out your Creations!.

To participate @MathsPirates use:
1. A class twitter account
2. A class Interactive white board
3. A huge amount of creativity. If/ When internet connectivity is down the classroom teachers flick out their smart phones and every other device that is able to capture the learning process and student voice!

NOTE: Having a class twitter account is not essential. 
We have had two schools who share their learning via email. Some schools digital citizenship policy does not include the use of classroom twitters so do check before you zoom in and create one.
For guidance around the WHY and HOW of the use of twitter the following post may be helpful Creating a Classroom Twitter

If you are using twitter to connect please use
Hashtag #mlap14
Maths Pirates will always be able to find 
each other on the high seas!


  1. Is the pirate challenge happening in 2016?

  2. Yes - A bit slow being organised!
    One Thousand buccaneer apologies rolling down the deck!
    What is your class twitter handle? We will send you a tweet in the next week.