Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pirate Challenge 4. Create a Pirate Ship

 Thank you @mrsplumsclass in Michigan USA
for this SWASHBUCKLING Pirate Challenge! - AWESOME!

The challenge:
How can you and your team of buccaneers create a pirate ship that can carry heavy loads of treasure?

You will need:

                             1 square foot of tin foil  & marbles (your treasure!)

A tooth pick and a pirate flag

Your challenge:
1.     Create a ship using only one square foot of aluminum foil.
2.     The ship should be able to carry treasure (marbles).  The challenge is to see how many you can carry without sinking!
3.     Place a pirate flag on top!
4.     You have 20 bandit minutes.

DONT FORGET: A tub of water to test your ship (walrus not included)

After the challenge we will think, share and tweet about:

1. What did you find the hardest thing about the challenge?
2. What would you do differently next time?
3. Where is the math in the Pirate Challenge?


Year 5 & 6 , Cambridge, New Zealand
First Attempt

Queen Margaret College , Wellington, NZ
First Attempt

Intermediate Blenheim, New Zealand
Second Attempt

First Attempt

#Homeschool, Christchurch, New Zealand
First Attempt

                                            @Rm1Koraunui, Koraunui School, Wellington, NZ
First Attempt

                                              @ReidHns1, Henderson North School, Auckland, NZ
First Attempt

                                                                    Click to watch:

@mathspirates  Koraunui School, Wellington, NZ
First Attempt

Second Attempt

Third Attempt

@knuicurious SOLE Classroom Koraunui School, Wellington, NZ

First Attempt


Q1.  What was tricky about the Pirate Challenge?
First Attempt

Trying to build the boat strong
Making sure there are no holes - Ihaia & Devin
Tryin to make it longer and stronger
Working as a team - Rangimarie

Q2. What would you do differently?
First Attempt

Use two pieces of tin foil to mkae it stronger - Ihai & Devin
Draw our own flag so we ca decide how it looks - Leah
Fold up the sides of the boat
Use bigger marbles because they are heavier - Leah 
See who can make the longest waka - Ihaia

Q3. Where is the maths?
First Attempt

Weight - Leah
Counting marbles 21+2=23 - Devin
Measurement - Who has the longest waka? - Ihaia


@Room11GMS West Coast, South Island, NZ

First Attempt

@mathspirates  Koraunui School, Wellington, NZ

First Attempt


Hardest thing about the challenge?

It was hard to make the foil join together when folding it Max

Trying to make sure the boat had no holes in it! Leah

It was hard to put the pirate flag on it. James

It was hard to make it float with marbles in it. Lilly

Hard to make a ship that could hold 21 marbles. Mika

What would you do differently next time?

I would be more careful with the foil so it dosn't rip. Ella

I would like to put all our sailing ships together and make a really big one! And a good one! Cadan

I d like to work better as a team


R456 Math Pirates - try making a draft model out of paper first like the boys in @Room11GMS

Where is the Math in the Pirate Challenge?

The Maths was in counting and putting the marbles in the boat. We were learning how to weigh.

The Maths is in the boat. The Maths is the treasure. The treasure is the shape of a circle! Mika & James

The Maths was in how to make something strong. Dayton

The Maths was in the learning. I was my first time at estimating. Devin

The Maths was in how many marbles! Leah

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