Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pirate Challenge 2: Create a marble run

How can your team of buccaneers
create a marble run 
that is as long as the tallest pirate in your team?

1. Create a marble run out of, newspaper, cellotape, 3 small cardboard rolls
2. Marble run must be as long as the tallest pirate in your team.
3. 5 points for every twist and turn in your marble run
4. You have 25 bandit minutes

After the challenge:
What was tricky about the challenge?
What would you do differently?
Where is the maths?

Contribute answers here:  Google form - Creating a marble run


Building Mathematical Knowledge 
through Idea Improvement

The Action 

@Rm1Koraunui @knuicurious Pirate Challenge Collaboration
Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Wellington

@Rm1Koraunui Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Welington, NZ

First Attempt 

Second Attempt

Images Coming Soon!

The Thinking...

What was tricky or difficult about the challenge?

@Rm1Koraunui Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Welington, NZ
a) The marble getting stuck
b) Measuring it
c) Finding a good spot in the classroom to build a marble run

What would you do differently next time?

@Rm1Koraunui Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Welington, NZ
a) more stickers, newspaper and rolls b) plan our ideas c) different places

@knuicurious Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Wellington, NZ
a) We would use more suport. DENE
b) Reinforce the newspaper. Lots of room for the marble to run. Seth

Where is the Maths?

@Rm1Koraunui Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Welington, NZ
a) measuring with felts b) measuring in centimetres c) counting stickers, tubes d) how long?

@knuicurious Koraunui School, Stokes Valley, Wellington, NZ

a) We used measurement and number and geometry. We had fun We were tuakanas to the teina.

The Action 
Maths Pirate Creations!
First time doing Pirate Challenge No.2 


We did this challenge with students from The Davis Academy in Atlanta @ugafrank and students from Michigan @mrsplumsclass . 

We used our class twitter @mathspirates to share images and thinking about how to improve our ideas.

Created an Awesome Video of their marble run!

@ugafrank sent us great images of their work! 

Thankyou to @mrsplumsclass  and @ugafrank when you did the challenge with us  the decks got more exciting!

We are going to improve our ideas by...

Making more ramps & more shoots out of rolls - M

Use longer pieces of rolled newspaper - E

Putting twists in our marble run - M & F

Making it longer with more rolls - N & L

We need to make it faster and longer - E & L

Making more tubes out of newspaper and connect 
them - D & C

Making our next marble run stand up, we might use just one chair - H & J

We really want to use @mrsplumsclass idea and make one 
big marble run next time!

We really want to use @ugafrank classes idea of having long and strong tubes of newspaper! Also, Ari's idea about just using rolls and paper towels. Thanks Ari! (the news paper was really tricky for us!

Second Attempt Creating a Marble Run

Pirates love playing with unlimited cellotape and marbles!

Pirates are passionate about marbles moving fast and small treasure that fits in their hands!

Pirates need to know how to work in a team and negotiate their ideas with others.
Pirates need to practise the challenge of counting in fives to win!

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